About Us

YumeDeals which literally means “dream deals” had its inception in 2010 and it has been catering its customers since then with rare shopping experience. We have created a niche in the industry by showcasing products that are rare and hail from different regions to make them accessible to the customers wherever they are. With us, you can shop for the beautiful marble artifacts of Jaipur from Chennai and can buy Hyderabadi pearls while being in Haryana. With plethora of exciting products from India and abroad, we aim at making YumeDeals a hot destination for casual and utility shopping of authentic products that are cost effective.

We are focused to explore, share, and sell the select traditional artwork of India that needs a platform for global recognition and demand. The social aspect of our existence includes boosting the livelihood of Indian artisans by bringing their work online and generating market for them.

Another aspect of YumeDeals aims at bringing selective collection of imported products for Indian consumers at highly competitive rates so that they get value of their money with added shopping convenience. 


We foresee YumeDeals as a huge online platform showcasing exclusive and ecofriendly products from India and abroad. In our endeavor to become India’s most sought after online portal, we aim at adding value to customer’s purchasing experience and promote the craftsmanship of regional Indian communities to bring a better livelihood to them.


We are on a mission to offer our customers some exclusive and rare domestic and international products that features the essence of specific geographical areas under one roof at exciting rates.


  • Exclusive range of prodcuts sloping from different domestic and overseas locations.
  • Unmatched rates of products guaranteed.
  • Lucrative occasional and festive deals & discounts for extra saving


  • We feature authentic Indian products and handicrafts from different geographical areas that exhibit the regional art, skill, and flavor.
  • We bring some of the unique products from different parts of world that are of highly usability and could be bought easily online.
  • We feature ecofriendly or green products that are trendy and preferred by customers all over.