Dry Fruits

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Cashew Nuts -2%

Cashew Nuts

Cashew Whole is enhanced with high calorie and fat content. It contains several health advantages be..

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Dried Dates -2%

Dried Dates

People have been eating dates for more than 4,000 years. As one of the sweetest fruits, dates are ri..

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Golden Raisins -3%

Golden Raisins

Raisins contain potassium and magnesium in good levels. Thus these help reduce acidity and helps rem..

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Lion Dates -2%

Lion Dates

Modern Science has proved that dates surpass other fruits in the sheer variety of their constituents..

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Splited Cashews -8%

Splited Cashews

Cashew Whole hardens and alters to a darker white once roasted, and contains a rich flavor making it..

Rs.120.00 Rs.110.00